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The Progenitor
Status: UP
Population: Light
The Guild Rules:
  1. Follow the light and only the light. (Maximum of 750 Darkside points, Must be above Level 1 Lightside unless low level)
  2. Keep in Role-playing in guild chat, use () brackets if you are not Role-playing
  3. Keep as active as you can, inform Guildmaster (Jay-jay) if you are disappearing for a long period of time or another Officer.
  4. Take part as much as you can, getting involved in PvP, Flashpoints and other PvE. You must also attend as many guild events as possible. 
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Change of Server

Jay-jay, Jun 21, 12 3:00 PM.
Due to the new server changing tool, we can now switch servers. I have looked at the servers and the best server for our guild would be the PvP server "Tomb of Freedom Nad". This would give our guild the best experience. If you have any other ideas message me or Xfire chat me as jayjaywebby. Please get in touch all remaining members!

The Legion!

Jay-jay, Jun 8, 12 2:24 PM.
Greetings All!
As you may know many of us are currently taking exams! But don't fear we will return to bring the guild further than ever before! I Master Jay, have two exams left and then from then out I will be devoted to making the guild the best it can be! I hope you will all join me in due course! Anyone with any ideas then please message me either on here or in-game!
May the Force be with you and the Light guide you!
Master Jay-jay of the Dark-horse Legacy

X-Fire group and imperial 'Code' guild.

RĂ³lan, Jun 3, 12 11:14 PM.
Greetings, Legionaries!

This is Master Rólan Silverbalde. I have important news for you...

Well, I will try to be brief. I created an X-Fire community. Here are possible questions you can have, although there can be more. First two I took from X-Fire official FAQ.

* What is Xfire?

Xfire is a free application that combines multiple gaming tools into one powerful tool to alleviate the need to run multiple different gaming related programs. For instance, Xfire allows you to chat with your friends, see what games they are playing, what servers they are playing on and join them instantly with one click. Xfire also allows you to show off your gaming skills by capturing screenshots and videos and uploading them to your Profile page on the Xfire website. For more details on all of Xfire’s great features check out our Product Tour. 

* How do I get started using Xfire?

You’ll need two things to get started, the Xfire software and an Xfire user name, both of which are free.
Click this link to download the Xfire software now. Once downloading is complete, double-click the Xfire installer icon and follow the instructions to finish installation.You can create your account directly from the Xfire software by clicking the New User Registration link or from the Xfire website here:

Why X-Fire?
It easiest to use out-of-game chat system directly tied to gaming. Through our x-fire group we can chat wherever we are - any game. There are very little people online now. X-Fire can help coordinate our gaming time.

I registered X-Fire account. What now?
After you register on site you should whether contact me through X-Fire directly - my handle is eilertalemat, send me message here on site - Rólan or to my e-mail: or leave comment to this post with your X-Fire username (not nickname). I will invite you to Legion of the Light X-Fire community group.

I don't like X-Fire. Any other clients to use for communication in group?
Tons - surf the net. I use Raptr. This one accumulates a few accounts simultaneously: X-Fire, PSN, Steam and a few more. There are a lot of clients out there that can take care of all your communications. Overwolf allows even more features. Make your pick.

Is this all necessary?
Absolutely not. If you don't want to no one will make you register. 

Which leads me to second announcement.

As of today Legion of the Light became aware of imperial society named 'Code'...

Today me, Olimeb, Danni and Paarthurnax formed an imperial guild. This was done for our alts. I heard more then once that members of Legion play imperial side. For those who is not guilded on imperial side I will name officers of the 'Code' that you can address when you are in game. These are: Drakhen, Reez, Hir'nala and Farkus, respectively. Feel free to introduce your alts to us for guild invitation.

Alt grouping is not only purpose. I can't say for all who play on imperial side, but my chars will be used to some degree in Legion's RP events. There are a lot of players whose stories has connections to Sith Empire. To be honest there are numerous ways to use imperial guild in gameplay. So it was done.

Later I will introduce story behind the 'Code' and how it came to be.

And one more thing. I've been asked is there will be roleplaying soon. Let me explain. I try to roleplay every aspect of the game as much as possible. So a lot of members, too. Every guild rank promotion is small event both for promoted and officer that bestows promotion. When you are around you are invited. When you are online you can initiate RP event if you want. You don't need a great announcement for it (although you can announce), neither you need preparation. Roleplayers are known for their ability to adapt and improvise, so use both. And, with all due respect, don't expect officers to entertain you. We could gladly do it, but we all have handful at the time. I assure you, guild is alive and developing. We will keep you informed on new features and plans we put in motion for the guild.

Transmission concluded.

Meeting of the Legion

Jay-jay, Apr 27, 12 6:39 PM.
Greetings all... Many of you have been recruited by myself, Olimeb, Rolan or the other officers. I would like to call a meeting of all the Legion to have a formal meeting, where everyone meets each other and we discuss the plans for the Legion of the Light. We will also commence training for padawans and assign some padawans to there masters. Any smugglers and troopers will also be needed in training to give advice to the padawans who are not experienced in the art of war.  This will all take place on the Jedi Homeworld Tython.I look forward to seeing you all there!                                
(Basically I want everyone to come together to meet people who they have not yet, as well as coming up with positives and negatives for the guild, suggesting improvements and we will be promoting people to officers who we have thought are the most involved and helpful. People will be recommended by all of you and the officers. So make sure your there!) Meet at Sunday 29th, 9pm GMT(Check on calendar for more details!

Tatooine Reconnaisance

Jay-jay, Apr 22, 12 3:43 AM.
The Jedi Council has asked the Legion of the Light to investigate the outer rim world, Tatooine. There are reports of strange activities and sources of great knowledge. There are also sightings of the Empire mustering their forces there, we must make sure that Tatooine is safe from all threats! Therefore all of the Legion must gather together to scout out Tatooine and protect it while discovering its knowledge and power.
All must meet at Anchorhead Spaceport, Tatooine for a briefing. (All Levels are welcome even if you haven't visited Tatooine yet)
(9 30pm GMT or 8 30pm UCT)  
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